My love for the press started my junior year of high school. I grew up in Fenton, Missouri and went to high school at Rockwood Summit High School. I knew I had wanted to join the Talon Newspaper staff since middle school, but I didn’t start taking journalism classes until the Fall of 2013. After an introductory prerequisite, I dove into the world of reporting.

I joined the newspaper staff and worked my first semester as a reporter. I wrote articles from all sections, but feature and news seemed to fit me the best. I loved investigating, finding out what made people tick, what they had gone through, and how they overcame obstacles in their lives.

With pressure from my journalism advisor, I was appointed Social Media Editor and Webmaster for the Talon where I posted the staff’s articles to our website and ran our three social media platforms, in addition to writing my own stories each month. In addition to the paper, I joined our radio staff and was appointed Program Director my first year. I made sure each show for the week was on schedule, and as we were soon switching to an FM station, I worked with the station manager in how we would fit in 40 hours of programing each week.

Once I graduated high school, I was recognized for my dedication to Rockwood Summit’s journalism. I was awarded Radio Journalist of the Year, Newspaper Journalist of the Year, and was named the Journalism Heart Award winner, for putting my heart into journalism. Two of my stories place and four of my profiles (my 30 minute newscasts broadcast every Friday) place in competition.

After graduating high school, I started attending Missouri State University where I am currently studying toward a journalism major and a double-minor in business and design. I have worked for the student-lead newspaper, the Standard, for a year and a half, and I am the Triangle Correspondent for the Delta Upsilon chapter of Sigma Kappa Sorority where I send in semi-annual stories to the Sigma Kappa Triangle.

After college, I hope to work for a renowned magazine or newspaper as a reporter. I would love to also design layouts for either a print or Internet-based medium.

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