The Beautiful Soul: Jesse McCartney rocks the PSU theater

Originally posted on on Jan. 19, 2016. Photo by Miranda Roller.

As part of the Winter Week festivities hosted by the Student Activity Council, Jesse McCartney gave a live performance in the PSU theater on Jan. 12 at 7 p.m.

McCartney had been contacted by a middle man agency through Student Activities Council for the performance. He said he wanted to play for his fans from younger years and see the energy they brought with them.

“Obviously a lot of my fans have kind of grown up with me throughout the years and some are in college now,” McCartney said. “It’s nice to see the 14-year-old fangirl come out.”

In charge of the event concerts, SAC Chair Alexandra Gustin explained the budget each year for concerts is around $100,000. From there, they choose which artists are within that realm.

“We get lists of available artists that are in budget and available for when we’re looking to have the show,” Gustin said.

Specifically for Winter Week, Gustin said McCartney worked well with what they were given.

“With the budget we have for our Winter Week concert, we usually have to take a risk on an up and coming artist, like when we had Echosmith,” Gustin said. “Or we go with a bit of a throwback that people love, like Aaron Carter and now Jesse, so we went that route this year.”

For the concert, 20 pairs of meet-and-greet passes were given out. Students could enter in the drawing by answering a few questions relating to their thoughts on SAC’s activities.

One of those winners, freshman Marlena McReynolds, found out about the concert through the contest on Facebook.

“I thought I might as well try,” McReynolds. “I’ve never seen him in concert and I thought it would be fun.”

Currently, McCartney said he performs more in professional settings so when he gets the chance to visit a college campus, he enjoys the more lively atmosphere.

“I perform for a lot of older audiences and business meetings,” McCartney said. “People can be pretty stiff but you always know at a college gig that you’re still going to get the energy of a young crowd.”

The concert was free to all students; tickets were handed out on a first-come, first-serve basis. Of those that went, senior Lauren Flieg said McCartney’s music brings her back to her youth.

“I listened to him growing up so it kind of brings me back to my childhood,” Flieg said.


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