Bear Village expansion set to finish this summer

Originally posted on on Feb. 9, 2016.

Bear Village will open the doors to its newest building in August 2016. The finished facility allows students more living space on campus.

After the idea for extended housing took off in April 2015, the project’s timeline has moved quickly, according to New Development Manager Sheri Sommer.

“We decided to go ahead with stage four in April of last year, so not even a year ago,” Sommer said. “Our architects and engineers and all of us worked really hard so we could get it started late fall.”

The fourth building will contain 83 beds for lease, 24 units in all. Students have the option of choosing either a two-, three- or four-bedroom unit. A two-bedroom will cost $725 per-person per-month. A three-bedroom will be $705 per-person, and a four-bedroom will be $635 per-person.

These units will range from 908 to 1,564 square feet.

This addition is similar to the housing buildings already installed, so that potential buyers can obtain a clear picture of the living conditions.

“There may be some color variation, but our product is the same,” Sommer said. “That way when people walk into village one, two or three, they know what they are leasing even though it’s not constructed.”

Current and future resident junior finance major Zach Schmidt has lived in Bear Village two years already, and plans to finish out his last year residing there was well.

From his standpoint as a college student, Schmidt said the newer building is just an improved addition to what Bear Village already offers.

“It’s not just expanding Bear Village,” Schmidt said. “They are working on individual rooms and making those even better. They are pretty much working on every aspect of Bear Village to make it bigger and better.”

Since the expansion, Schmidt said he and his roommates have debated about whether or not the new rooms would be a good choice for them.

“It’s kind of up in the air,” Schmidt said. “It just kind of depends, because we are getting a new roommate and we are probably planning on moving from the building we are in now, so there is a possibility that we live there.”

As for college housing, Schmidt said Bear Village especially appeals to students in that it encompasses so many features and plans on building upon those already installed.

“When I moved here, the clubhouse wasn’t built yet and we didn’t have the fire pit, but what stood out to me was how much they had planned for expansion,” Schmidt said. “All the planning that they had really appealed to me.”


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