A new, easier way to order food from the PSU will be available to students

Originally posted on the-standard.org on March 15, 2016. Photo by Ryan Welch.

With just a click of a button, students can order food from the Plaster Student Union off of food app Tapingo starting in fall of 2016.

The app makes the food-ordering process quick and simple by saving payment information for next time, documenting purchases made in the past, and telling the buyer how much time to expect until food is ready to be picked up. Payment will be required through the app, including a 25 cent charge to your Boomer Meal account for every transaction for using Tapingo. Once done, food can be picked up at the chain.

Once integrated onto campus, Resident District Manager Tony Hein said the process of ordering food will be more convenient, allowing shorter lines within the PSU.

“We have experienced some long lines and the nice thing about Tapingo is that it shortens those,” Hein said. “It still takes 15 minutes for the order, but it allows me to not have to stand in that line so instead, if I’m coming from class or I’m in my room, I can just walk over when it’s ready.”

With this as an option, Director of the Plaster Student Union Terry Weber said that Tapingo will all-around improve both the purchaser’s experience and service from within the union.

“It will address people’s very valuable time and I think we will also see some efficiencies gained within our food service operations as well as adding another level of customer service,” Weber said.

In the future, Hein said that a delivery option could be added to Tapingo as well as a way for students to use their BoomerMeals.

With all the abundance of features, sophomore Manuel Maldonado said that he would favor the the saved payment methods the most. He visits the PSU three times a week, visiting Subway and Chick-fil-A most often.

“I think saving the payment information and adding the BoomerMeals would be the most beneficial, because I know sometimes I think I have my Bearpass on me but I don’t, so if I don’t have to carry it around, I wouldn’t have to worry about it as much,” Maldonado said.

With this new app, Hein said that employment is expected to increase, especially if the delivery option gets put into place. However, Tapingo would hire the addition staff required to deliver the food to dorms and the few housing facilities around campus.

“I think our employment will either remain steady or increase and what I think the delivery will do is that it will drive additional sales at night,” Hein said. “My anticipation is that we will have to hire a few more associates. Tapingo will hire student employees to deliver.”

Students can use Tapingo to order from any of the chains within the the PSU, including Starbucks and the new Burrito Bowl set to arrive on campus in the fall. It is also free to download through Google Play or iTunes.


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